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Legal information and Privacy statement

Legal information

YCL has made every attempt to display information and specifications on the YCL website as complete and accurate as possible. However, YCL accepts no responsibility for its correctness.

All information on the YCL website has an informative nature.  YCL does not guarantee the correctness, applicability, reliability, timeliness or accuracy of the information available on the YCL   website.

YCL does not accept any liability for any form of damage as a result of the use of the YCL website or the information it contains, including damage as a consequence of loss of data, turnover and/or profits, as a result of, or in any way related to, the use or the (dis)functioning of this website.

Privacy statement

YCL respects your privacy.


YCL  respects your privacy and will take extreme care with personal information received from you. Your personal data will be processed and incorporated into a database in conformity with the applicable laws and regulations.


YCL  collects and processes, during and/or after a visit to this site, two kinds of data:
a. Statistical data concerning the visit to the YCL  website (this includes (e.g.) details on the total amount of visitors to this website and through which search engines, websites or other sources visitors enter this website).
b. Personal data (including contact details, such as: name, address, city, telephone number and e-mail address), which you have supplied yourself to the YCL website.


YCL processes and collects personal details exclusively to, at your own request, serve you adequately.

Statistical data is processed to gain insight into the accessibility of the YCL website and can be used to optimize the website.

YCL processes your personal data exclusively for the purposes for which you have supplied them. YCL does not, and will not, supply any personal details to third parties, with the exception of those parties which need your personal details to be able to create a rental contract, such as the agent of the yacht you have chosen, and the insurance company (applicable only when you choose to include an insurance policy in your reservation).


YCL  has made sufficient internal technical and organizational arrangements for the protection of your personal details. Only those YCL employees who need your personal details for work-purposes have access to your personal details. These employees are bound by the employment secrecy act.

YCL  excludes all liability for the way in which other interested parties, such as the agent and/or insurance company, handle your personal details.